The Handbook of Market Esoterica

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Re: The Handbook of Market Esoterica

Post by aritrasinha » Sun Jul 18, 2021 4:05 pm

This post is for everyone who has made their comments before as well as who has seen the posts in this section & who has the book or who is or who will be willing to or think of buying the book, The Handbook of Market Esoterica.
Without further adieu, let's get into it. I have talked to Mr.Earik regarding this book & he answered my annoying detailed questions as briefly as possible. I won't make any excerpt of our conversation, rather I am going to add screenshots of our conversation & let the reader decide it for themselves.

I don't know if those reversal signals contained in the screenshot are true or not, BUT I MUST SAY, THIS BOOK DESERVES BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT BECAUSE OF THE TOOLS THAT COME ALONG WITH IT.
The first screenshot contains what I have asked of him & the second one contains Mr.Earik's response.

1.This is our private conversation that I am sharing here & I don't have Mr.Earik's permission to do so but hope he is okay with that.
2. ME book is already available on the internet so anyone who is thinking about purchasing the book, think of it as purchasing the tools that will come along with it.

Thank you,
Aritra Sinha.
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Re: The Handbook of Market Esoterica

Post by earik » Mon Jul 19, 2021 10:40 pm

Hi gang,

Just to clear this up - there are no automatically generated signals. I put arrows, etc, in there because I don't know how else to show this sort of thing on a chart, especially if I'm trying not to draw the whole technique in there. The tools that you get activated are things in the software to make your life easier. For example, rather than having to calculate astronumerology by hand, you get a calculator that does all that stuff for you. But you still need to be able to understand what that calculator is saying, and make a trading decision as a result.


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