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Gann Yahoo Group

Post by NDscorpini » Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:38 pm

Hi All,
I got this e-mail today. So if there are any files you want better download them now before December!!!
Best wishes,


Apparently in December of 2019, Yahoo! intends to destroy almost everything that I have built up over a period of nearly 20 years in the Gann Study Group.

They intend to delete the files section, the message section, the links section, the photos section, and so on. Apparently all that Yahoo! Groups will allow in the future is the sending of emails, which will pass through the group to individual members and will not be stored.

You can read more about their decision here: .

This sudden change of format of the Yahoo! Groups is quite shocking to many of us. It is unclear to me exactly what the new Yahoo! Groups will look like. I will just have to find out when the change happens.

When I founded the Gann Study Group, I had one goal in mind, which was to make available, via online storage, original writings of W. D. Gann that were in the public domain (not under copyright). It was never intended to be a "Gann chat group," of which there were many at the time. The Gann Study Group was intended to be a library of resources. Now that Yahoo! has decided to eliminate the storage capability, the entire purpose of the Gann Study Group's existence, from my point of view, is being wiped out.

The result is that I may just close the Gann Study Group and find some other way to present W. D. Gann's writings online. I have not reached any decision on this matter yet.

If the Gann Study Group has meant something to you, I am always happy to hear from you.

This special communication is sent to you with warm good wishes for success in study, in market analysis, in trading and investing, and in your daily life of discovery and adventure.

October 18, 2019

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Re: Gann Yahoo Group

Post by defconjelly » Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:12 am

after some messing around with different download scripts, I've managed to get the yahoo groups that i'm a member of downloaded. It's a little tricky to get working properly, but the best one I've found is here:

The official yahoo downloader is worth a shot, but I've found it didn't work properly for me:

I'm happy to help anyone who can't get it working, just let me know

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