Ephemeris Planet Labels

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Ephemeris Planet Labels

Post by dwedding » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:51 am


Is it possible to display labels with the name of the planets on the ephemeris. I have a lot of trouble identifying the cryptic labels on the Wave59 planet degrees and on the zodiac wheel to identify which planets are doing what. For example I'm attaching an image of what I'm describing. If Wave59 could be made to display its ephemeris something like this, it sure would be helpful.

I guess I'm supposed to look at the colors of the tiny dots on the Wave59 ephemeris to decrypt what's going on with the planets. I have no idea of which color is what planet. That's where full name labels are helpful.
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Re: Ephemeris Planet Labels

Post by earik » Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:12 pm

Hi Dwedding,

I thought about doing it like that in the beginning, but it was way too messy. Unfortunately, once you start adding natals/progressions/geometry/etc, an ephemeris wheel gets pretty cluttered, and text labels would be difficult to read... If you aren't into the symbols, go format - properties, and uncheck the "symbols" box (middle right). That will flip them from pictures to single letter text labels, which might be easier. In that case, the codes are:

M = mercury
V = venus
H = Sun
R = mars
J = jupiter
S = saturn
U = uranus
N = neptue
P = pluto
T = Moon
O = node

All of them are what you'd expect, except for the Sun, Moon, and Mars, which are H/T/R, since the letters S and M were already taken. H = Helios, T = Terrestrial moon, R = mars. In hindsight, I think I should have gone with L for moon (lunar), but back then the guy whose research I spent a lot of time studying used T, and I just adopted his notation rather than mixing it up. Hope that helps.



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