180 degrees difference...why?

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180 degrees difference...why?

Post by dctommy » Wed Feb 08, 2023 8:16 pm

Can anyone answer the following?

when Gann wheels are setup...why does wave59 use Mar21 at the 0 deg point when many others have it 180 degrees opposite?

what is the difference and do you read them differently when forecasting?

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Re: 180 degrees difference...why?

Post by earik » Fri Mar 17, 2023 7:37 pm

I've met hundreds and hundreds of Gann traders. They all seemed to be very knowledgeable, and many of them were able to do deep dives into Gann's coded messages and hidden techniques that really surpassed anything that I was ever able to decode reading through his stuff. I met a couple that told me some pretty interesting stories about Masonic bibles back in Gann's day, and cloak-and-dagger goings on about certain valuable pages in those bibles that were taken out of later editions. Gann's Cuba connection and his gambling exploits (and possible assassination) were additionally pretty spellbinding when I heard them for the first time. And I even met an ex-CIA guy who discussed pointing some pretty hush hush government code breaking tools at Gann's Magic Word to see if we could reveal the secret hidden text that is supposedly cryptographically sealed there. That guy basically vanished after that particular conversation, because I was totally ready to help him with that. Maybe he cracked it on his own and is living on an island somewhere...? Or maybe the government offed him...! That would the the explanation I'd expect to hear from the ranks of the Gann devoted. I tend to think the guy got busy doing other stuff and didn't care about these weird traders and their Gann fetishes. Anyway, all that to say that there's a deep body of work and mythology here that you can spend a lifetime studying.

So yeah, when you look through the internet, you'll find people doing all sorts of things with his numbered squares. Some people spin them one way, some people spin them the other, some people do the price rings one way, some people do the price rings another. There's no end to the variation.

Having said that, out of all the Gann folks I've encountered, I can really only say with confidence that one of them ever made any money trading. Yeah, all that, and one guy can trade the stuff. All the rest were much more of historians than traders, and the guys that I used to work with at the CBOT who just used emotion and order flow would run circles around them when it came to profits in the bank. Because of that, I tend not to care too much about whether or not others do things differently with their Gann techniques.

In W59, you'll find them set up in the way that I thought worked best, based on my own experience. Those numbered squares spin out in a specific way in a specific orientation because, after spending way too much time on testing all the other ways, that particular arrangement worked best. "Performance matters", and all that.

Anyway, there are always options in the format pages to let you do it differently if you want. You can set the zero point at whatever degree you feel works best (or link it to important dates/times/prices on the chart for a dynamic approach).


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Re: 180 degrees difference...why?

Post by Simon.B » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:17 pm

My experience with Gann traders, over the years, was similar to what Earik is describing. Don't want to take anything away from Gann, some of his
methods have a place in trading. But the more you get familiar with his material and the sheer size of it, the more I think that Gann was paddling way more than necessary for decent trading. Especially considering the famous Ticker Digest write up - where Gann did nearly 300 trades in a month with very impressive results by having only a pen and a piece of paper in his hand. That's over ten trades a day on average, hardly enough time to do any kind of elaborate work. I suppose a good amount of material had to be offered considering how much he charged for it back then.


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Re: 180 degrees difference...why?

Post by g<>< » Thu Mar 30, 2023 9:48 pm

code a toggle for both sq9 and ephemeris.

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Re: 180 degrees difference...why?

Post by abacaba » Thu Apr 06, 2023 1:17 pm

Have to agree with Simon and Earik here. There's just so much padding, misapplication of his own techniques (!) and outright craziness in Gann. It really makes you wonder. The basic ideas are fundamental. But he more or less lays this out in what could be condensed into a couple pages, tells you exactly what he's doing.

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