beta-test e-mini forecast

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Re: beta-test e-mini forecast

Post by NDscorpini » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:59 am

Hi All,
If any of you want to help me with research project I'm going to put this out there. The natural law that Gann uses in his trading is from a book written by Hermes called "The Kybalion." In one of the free energy websites that I go to there is a thread where they are trying to apply this information to electromagnetism. It is an old thread and there are 217 pages. I am trying to go through 2-5 pages a day in hopes of stumbling across something that might help us with our trading. If any of you whip through these pages and find something PLEASE POST IT!!! It might be a new drawing tool or an idea for a new indicator. It is a long drawn out painful process BUT...that is the only way I know to make progress. ... omagnetism

Good luck and keep us all updated of anything worth discussing.
Best wishes,

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