A silly request

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A silly request

Post by rlygangesh » Tue Dec 20, 2016 12:23 am

hi all
i m going to make a silly request & looking for a generous help from group member.
UTM market forecaster (http://www.wave59.com/eshop/10Expand.as ... 11_A):--It is the second part of earik mind blowing book Unified theory of market. As far as my understanding The Unified theory of market is theory part & UTM market forecaster is their application/prectical part. I think that here All theory are available in qscript mode.
So if i get this book & i follow market structure + some entry trigger like exaustion bars/5 9 count + money management than i can apply BIG BERTHA successfuly in my trading.
truly speaking I m a small trader & my total trading capital is about $2000 so it is just like a dream that i can purchase both book Big Bertha + UTM ($3500 +) but want to apply Big Bertha in my trading so my request
1. From Earik:- please remove boundry from purchase UTM
2. From Group member :- if any generous person have this book please help me
if any of above is not possible
3. From group member(as earik not going to post due to NTC) please post daily chart based on UTM forecaster of crude oil, gold so that group can take some benefit of big discovery like BIG BERTHA

At last if any member including Earik found my post offensive , than i m sorry for that i wanted to purchase but i can't
if earik opens the boundries than i will go for UTM

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