Looking for Old Pro Bolder Workshop

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Looking for Old Pro Bolder Workshop

Post by DC1 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:09 am

Way back when Wave59 Software was first launched we had a meeting in Bolder Colorado!

Although I knew that Earik was a student of Astro the subject was totally new to me.

During a break, just before the subject was about to be discussed, a very experienced student of the subject produced a ephemeris for everyone in the group and asked us to put a triangle on our birth day and one on our partners.
After that we discussed a formula with the year you were born and the inter play of your birth year with your partners.

With that framework in place he suggested we could predict when each of our children could/would be born.

We eagerly calculated the year and month possibilies within the small group and as I recall everyone had their children born in the specified year and month time period calculated with the formula.

The new board here has changed everyones name including mine fewer handles and more real names then in the golden days of email.
I have lost my contacts with the "Old Group " with the numerous computer meltdowns and time away from trading.

Looking.... now that I am an Old retired guy like Ken to reconnect with some of the group and explore this approach a little more

So if you are the experienced student or were one of the original group and have the method I have lost or just want to discuss this or other issue please contact me by email on this board

Don Carrie
Aka traderdc

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