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Post any software related questions or comments here. This is also the place to ask for help if you can't figure out how to do something in Wave59.
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Service Request

Post by dwedding » Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:26 pm

I'm still thinking that it might be possible to connect Wave49 to TD Ameritrade as it was originally designed and I'd like you to consider doing it again.

David Wedding

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Re: Service Request

Post by earik » Tue Nov 12, 2019 7:46 pm

Hi David,

They actually just sent me a notice that they've finished their new API. How many years was that? I had forgotten about them. Anyway, I'm going to check it out, and hopefully soon you'll be able to connect with them once more. Their old API had more holes in it than a block of swiss cheese, so hopefully this new one will be a little more stable. They've been working on it forever now (like a decade) so I'm hoping they've come up with something robust.



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