IQ Feed charts getting cut off

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IQ Feed charts getting cut off

Post by nebuchadnezzar » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:11 am

I'm using IQ Feed with Wave59 and want to have a bit of empty "white space" after the last bar, on a scaled intraday chart. In the "Database" tab I'm adding a bunch of days beyond current day. But w59 is cutting charts off at random points and I cant drag the background get to current bar. Could you please help me with this. Thank you !

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Re: IQ Feed charts getting cut off

Post by earik » Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:17 pm

Hi Neb,

Adding days in the future beyond the current day is the correct way to add space on the right. I usually add a week or so there so I have space for tools and don't have to mess with it too often. When you say W59 is cutting the chart off, can you explain what you mean? Or if you could post a chart, that would be helpful too...

The only guess I've got without more information is that maybe the bar spacing is getting changed, so that you only have a couple bars on the chart at one time. That can make it look like the chart gets cut off, especially if it's a scaled chart, because then you only get like one bar showing at the far left, and the rest is above or below the vertical edge. To check, go format - chart, and see what your "num days visible" shows. If it's a tiny number, have it show 2-3 days, and see if that fixes it.


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