How to gain access

This is a read-only forum that contains information on how to use this site and access the private rooms.
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How to gain access

Post by earik » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:41 pm

This bulletin board is available to all active Wave59 users, as well as authorized purchasers of educational material in the W59 bookstore. Conference attendees are also invited to join.

Please follow these steps to gain access:

1) Register yourself on this forum. You can do so by clicking the "Register" link in the upper right corner.
2) After you register, open a support ticket ( and tell us:
  • a) your name
    b) your Wave59 license number (to see what this is, launch Wave59, then click help - about)
    c) your forum username (which you just set up in step 1)
We will then set the permissions up to allow you into the private rooms.

If you are coming from our old bulletin board (circa June 2015), try your old username/password before requesting access. You may already be able to get in, as many of those logins have been ported as part of the initial setup. :)



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