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Re: Progressed Time

Post by g<>< » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:07 am

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Masters, it is with great respect that I review the first chart.

SPT, the Secret Progression Time function is encoded with a numerologic vibration formula. As E has already discussed the basics of it's calculation, the more esoteric minutia may be saved for a reserved discussion. However, in the now...

Your attention to the green box, you note the consolidation of price action (May to Oct). At point Alpha, the extension to Bravo is the numerator. The retracement, Bravo to Charlie, is the fractionation and we have another extension from Charlie to point Delta, the denominator.

The application of the SPT function at the swing points, Alpha-Bravo-Charlie-Delta will automatically plot the red triangle at the bottom of the screen, the red Zulu. The esoteric calculations denote a numerologic disruption, a disturbance in the force if you will. A simple vertical line plot up and we have fuchsia Zulu meeting price action.

A quick primer on forms. A short numerator, a-b (SPT1), as seen in the white SPT Presentations box will plot disruptions closer in time. A long numerator (SPT3), will plot disruptions further away in time. The fractionation swing Bravo-Charlie plots the triangle closer as it gets longer. All swings independently and collectively factor into the disruption plot. I intuitively look for setups where, as in the example (SPT2), the numerator swing and denominator swing are almost equal or equal. In this example a difference of just 3 bars, 39/36. Why? Symmetry is always favored in natural law.

Progressed time, the title of this thread, is a double entendre of our enduring connection to the Wave 59 community.

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Re: Progressed Time

Post by ForJL » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:12 am

Hi G,

I saw this the other day but things have gotten quite hectic here in the NYC area to say the least. Instead of markets and techniques I have been doing what I could for my wife's elderly family and some of the new neighbors of advanced age also. I finally have some down time so wanted to take a minute to thank you for the cogent explanation you laid out not only for myself but for the entire community. It's something I plan on delving into more deeply going forward.


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