Another Way to Use the Transit to Natal Tool

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Another Way to Use the Transit to Natal Tool

Post by ForJL » Wed Apr 13, 2022 12:01 am

I have often spoken about the virtues of the Transit to Natal tool in Wave 59 and I how thought it is often over looked by the community so thought I would show another way in which I use it. Like a lot of my posts it’s not a “how to” but perhaps it will inspire you take take another look at a truly significant tool in Wave 59.

The basic idea is about as simple as it gets. You set up the TTN indicator to identify significant energy inflection points and then use the Bar Counter tool set to lunar degrees to measure “ripples” in time from the TTN. How many degrees you measure from the TTN signal will depend on how you set up the TTN itself. You should find that the effective predictive period is actually transient causing you to adjust it’s length as time progresses. As an example in the first chart below you will notice that there were five signals this week, four of which were solid and one that totally missed the mark. In this case we were measuring 60 lunar degrees from the TTN. Now if we tried to use 60 degrees last week the results would have been poor. However using 45 degrees is a whole other story. If you look at the second chart you will see that the best results were achieved over an approximate seven day period using 45 lunar degree measurements.

Obviously there is a lot of work involved here to get all this right. Setting up the TTN and understanding the transition of lunar degree measurements is difficult and takes time. Getting it right though justifies all the hard work. Good luck with it if you decide to give it a go.

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