Fractal of PI - my take

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Fractal of PI - my take

Post by NDscorpini » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:33 pm

Hi All,
I bought the FOP course from Dr. Al somewhere between 2005-8. I always liked the drawing tool BUT...I didn't like the way it was taught. Here is an example of how I think it should be set-up. As always I set it up the night before.

1. IMHO it isn't a standalone tool you need other stuff to go with it
2. To try to find one perfect fractal to catch all the turns is futile. I use all four possible fractals to get the most profitable diagonals. If you look at screenshot number 4 it nails the best two shorts of the day. I have no idea how you would know that in advance.

This Fractal is for the last day Jan 22nd.

Another trick nobody knows...on large range days you stack the Fractals on top of each other, still works!!!

Best wishes,

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