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How to join this group

Post by earik » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:48 pm

Hi there!

Welcome to our forum. This is a place where like-minded traders can get together to discuss tools, share setups, and investigate trading opportunities. This is a Wave59-hosted group, so most of us use Wave59, but that's not a requirement for entry. Anyone is welcome and invited to join us.

We have a slightly complicated way of adding new members, which is due in large part to the 1000+ fake signups we used to receive every day when this was previously open. :roll: To get in, we're going to need you to prove that you're an actual person, and that you're actually interested in participating in this group, rather than just posting some spam. That's going to require you getting the super-secret password from us which will let you past the challenge page that has been inserted into the registration process. To do that, simply open a support ticket here: and introduce yourself! We don't need to know much, but you have to give us enough to convince us that you're not a spam robot, and that the content of this group is legitimately interesting to you. How you say that is completely up to you. Once that's done, and you've got our attention, we'll give you instructions how to proceed from there.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the forum!

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